Thursday, 11 October 2018

Behind The Scenes

Behind the Scenes!...This is where I am sitting and what I am doing

Pay careful attention to what is done quietly. That which is manifest in material form takes time (and Spirit!) to come into being!

I am away from Ireland for a month, something I decided to do and book less than a few weeks before I travelled. I love my freedom and I live (mostly) in the moment and day to day, and decided to both enjoy some down time and move into solitude to get some work done. I took one week holiday time and now 3 weeks work time.

I was blown away by reaction I got on Instagram due to posting some photos of my experience in Hong Kong. I don't have notifications turned on, on my phone, so on going into the app one day I had 14 private messages and on another day 20!! This overwhelmed me completely, not something I normally get. Some where from friends, some knew I was going away, some didn't, as I don't feel the need or necessity to make announcements. Some were from people I don't normally get messages from at all. Human curiosity is natural of course, but I got, 'where are you, why, with who etc instead of 'looks great, wonderful experience, enjoy, stay safe'.

I'm completely 'aware' and 'intuitive' – some may call it 'psychic' I can read, see and hear between lines, and behind words, I can see energy and through the veil, I can feel everything (hence the overwhelm at so many energies in so many messages), I can also 'hear'! (even peoples thoughts at a distance when they are directed at me – not just negative, positive Loving thoughts too, thank you!) So I'm deciding to share some more with you all to clear some things up.

It's not personal if I don't 'announce' what I am doing in my private life on a daily basis, I am so happy to share a certain amount when I feel drawn to yet I don't feel the need to share everything or to just share for the sake of it. I DO feel the need to share to bring awareness and to help!, and to hopefully inspire and guide others too. If it wasn't for this, I would not be on social media at all. To me it is a wonderful tool to share in a 'Light' way.

So here I am 'working' in Vietnam. Why Vietnam; it's warm, it's cheap, it's Asia, I was in Hong Kong and it was one of the closest and cheapest options to get an apartment on my own for 3 weeks. My day will consist of my own yoga and meditation practice, which includes coffee mediation! It will be a walk on the beach, in the sunshine or warm rain. It will be me on and off the laptop throughout the rest of the day, between meals and more meditation! I'll also take days off and do human stuff!

It's not all swanning about until the next training or next client, it's hard work in between! In choosing this lifestyle (for this moment) I have made sacrifices, yet I've made them consciously, in Gratitude, Love and Happiness. I believe Spirit works with and through me in this work, fully and completely, and this is not just me, I know how hard all of my sisters and brothers on this path work 'Behind the Scenes'. This is 'not' simply to those 'working' in a Spiritual based job, this is also to those constantly working in the Light in whatever it is that they do. To You All I Honour You, I Thank You, I Support You and I Love You too. It is a complete commitment to help and to live and fully embrace our Spiritual Path and our Purpose. It is a commitment we freely make and are rewarded for in so many ways, yet it takes 'time' to get here. We, who are helping others, have been through tremendous things on our path, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, and we committed to our own healing and Ascension, and this doesn't stop, it continues on a day to day basis!

It is in solitude and quietness I tune in so easily to God and my Spiritual team.
It is in humbleness I see His workings in these simple lifestyles in these Asian countries.
It is in unexpected ways I see the results of His work through me.

It is in learning to pay attention to background happenings, within ourselves and within others, that we tune in to ourselves and each other in the profoundest and most Lovingly Spiritual Way!

Send messages, yet let them be of Love.
Like posts if you read and Like a post.
Share words, thoughts and feelings in Support.

It is in Gratitude I Give.
It is in Love I Share.
It is in Light I Speak.

Sending Divine Love

Thursday, 24 May 2018

PLRT - Back Pain BeGone

I have had back pain on and off for years. I have had two disc protrusions, the first of which I was about 24 years of age and in emotional distress at the time, following a horrible marriage! The second disc protrusion was at 34 years of age through grief following the human loss of my Mam. Each and every ounce of back pain I have gone through between and since then has been due to emotional trauma.

Today, I suddenly realised what this physical pain was I have been carrying for about 18 months now! I knew it was energetic and not due to any physiological reason (I even have the MRI to prove it). I have been extra emotional this last couple of years too (more, I feel, than my Empath self should be, I'm talking extreme emotion) and felt that my soul was crying out to get my attention for some reason I couldn't put my finger on. Turns out the two pains are more than connected. I am blown away at how simple this is and always has been but I choose not to see it or go into it; because I am not an angry person!

Well it turns out I am!

Following a conversation with my intimate partner last night I knew immediately he was talking sense, (he does this!). I have been working my way through every energetic / spiritual / healing tool I have in my box but I have been missing one simple thing; logical psychoanalytical recognition of what this pain is and why it is there.

I have been repressing feelings of anger!

It really doesn't matter why, it's the acknowledgement of the feeling that's there, admitting it and honouring it. Saying that here is what I came to realise on the 'why' on contemplation so I can no longer hurt myself.

I am annoyed for a few reasons;
I have been holding myself back to not hurt others and to let others shine.
I have been rejecting myself because I let others reject me and allowed them to make me feel small.
I have been letting myself feel small so my Light couldn't shine.
I have been protecting myself with this pain from 'feeling' and 'being' fully, and from any possible future 'pain'.
I have been afraid of letting my light shine!

I am annoyed at myself for doing these things to myself yet I was continuously doing them! Well no more! As I meditated on it, and realised this I felt a shift. I stood up and went to my yoga mat (in a bikini - something I wouldn't typically do) and began to practice a powerful yang physical yoga that I haven't been able to physically practice in a long, long time! I moved and the pain moved more!

These realisations have come to me now because of the Past Life Pain I cleared in association with all the above feelings that was stuck deep in my cellular DNA and were presenting themselves in this lifetime for complete healing! Unless I had cleared the Past Life Repressed Pain I wouldn't have cleared this current pain! I feel Free!

I got angry! I am human! I am spiritual!
No more pain!
I am a beautiful bright soul and I let my Light shine!

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Dare To Be Yourself

Dare to be yourself, your real self, spirit soul self and human self. Being spiritual is being real. Part of our human experience is being flawed, allow your flaws to show. Not one of us is perfect, we are perfectly imperfect. This is perfect in Gods eyes so we should see this and ourselves this through his eyes; through the eyes of Love.

Allow yourself the moments of doubt and negativity as much as the moments of assurity and positivity. As I transition yet again I have been having my moments of doubt and confusion as I'm ascending to new heights, of basically feeling tired and pissed off. My journey seems to be on speed right now. I know it is all for my higher good and the good of others as I work through service and Love and I'm excited and feeling free as I break through old conditioning beliefs yet the amount of f€@r I've had sent in my direction from others through taking my own steps and walking my own path has been enormous. I remind myself, as I shield myself and transmute their pain as it is released, that this is their pain and conditioning and in time my steps will help them.

Then I have a moment of release and reaction and I'm hard on myself. I work on forgiveness, it's easy for me to forgive others, the challenge is forgiving myself. Then as I sit I see clearly; in forgiving myself these human imperfections I am in fact forgiving the whole human race. This is true forgiveness. You see. We are one. If you don't forgive yourself you in truth don't forgive anyone.


Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer...
Yesterday morning I heard of the passing of a beautiful soul. Father Tom a local priest, my favourite priest, passed away. He was a funny, open and loving man and touched many people. We always hugged when i met him. I stopped to pray and asked for him to give my Mam a huge hug and for my Mam to give him a huge hug and thanks and love from me. I cried and I prayed. Then as I meditated and prayed before sleep it lead to a beautiful sleep time encounter....
I seen Fr. Tom on his journey home surrounded by so many souls and beautiful energy. I heard my Mams voice call out to him and as he turned around to her I seen her too and they embraced. They hugged. Tears came, tears of joy, tears of the heart. I felt how they felt, those who pass on, on that journey home. I felt how those feel on welcoming sisters and brothers home; it was a feeling I can't find human words for but is definitely connected with the utmost love, joy and bliss.

This is a part of the power of prayer and meditation!

Pray and meditate!

Pray. Pray for help. Pray when you feel lost. Pray on a thought. Pray for those who are sick. Pray when you pass someone on the street. Pray when you are happy. Pray for guidance. Pray to know. Pray to hear. Pray to feel. Pray when you feel Love.

Meditate. Meditate when you have time. Meditate more when you have no time. Meditate when you are uncomfortable. Meditate when you are in pain. Meditate for no mind. Meditate for no reason. Meditate for reason. Meditate for peace. Meditate to hear answers to your prayers. Meditate on Love.

There's no right or wrong way.
Just pray.
Just Be
Just see.

In Love, Light & so much Gratitude. Namaste

Friday, 30 December 2016

Feeling the Release and Incoming Energies

As an Empath, Highly Sensitive Person, you can intuit and absorb our people's energy, world energy, sense incoming light frequencies strongly, then in turn become overwhelmed, anxious, or drained when you don't have time to decompress in your own space. We're super-responders; our sensory experience is the equivalent of feeling something with fifty fingers instead of five or one hundred hearts instead of one! Over time and experience it becomes easier to manage but you still need to take that time to step away. Daily. Meditation, Gentle Yoga and time in nature is a must and even at that as the incoming energies are increasing everything about my sensitivity is increasing. As I feel this occurring I'm feeling resistance within myself at the same time. Resistance doesn't work, I know this yet I feel it there inside me. I know what's to come and although a blessing and at times blissful it is also uncomfortable at a lot of other times. I have a couple of days where I simply feel tired of the constant emotional release and tired of the physical pain of energy locking in my spine. (The only way this moves is through prayer, meditation and allowing time for the light to adjust).

The final release of human illusion is being shown to a lot of us right now so that we can release the old and anchor the new. I feel (and can see) 'the dregs' of 3D being drawn up for release. With this clearing we will walk in full service of the new earth with no attachments to the old earth. Daily work, self care, self love, self compassion and a knowingness of worthiness is needed. I follow my own advice and I use my tools to work through this. Remember, my sisters and brothers, for those of you like me, this too shall pass, please feel every bit of it but don't get stuck in it. Speak to a soul friend and ask for support, this week I did this and I received the support I needed (if you haven't found them yet message me, you are not alone). Remember all of this and YOU are a gift from God! 'I am Light'. 'I am Love'. 'I am soft and strong'. 'I am a spiritual warrior'.

2017 is going to be energetically HUGE. I am ready are you?
Namaste and Beautiful Blessings

Sunday, 20 November 2016

At Overwhelm 'STOP'

To be so busy as to feel the onset of overwhelm is a sign to stop for a short time!

It is very easy to get caught up in a consuming list of things you must do! It is the nature of our soul to want improvements, to grow, to achieve each goal leading to our purpose but it is also the nature of our soul to be in the moment, to live with a sense of awe, gratitude and compassion for ourselves, the situation, and those around us.

I have become this busy so I stop! I spend time in reflection and I listen to the waves and the silence in between! I savour every moment of these natural sounds and the 'nothing-ness'. I find my center so easily stepping into silence. I can't recommend this place enough, 'silence', you just need to go there and experience it for yourself. Suddenly in this silence I ground and I connect. I connect fully to my higher self and I reconnect to my Angels and Masters and feel them guiding me by love, by sight, by sound. I feel the support I longed to feel in that onset of overwhelm. I commit to Love, to being in the moment, to being grateful for this experience and to focus on each task at hand.

Try it! Through this, stepping into silence, you will clear completely, think with clarity and receive crystal clear guidance! As you embrace each moment through Love, gratitude and acceptance everything flows easily and you will be gracefully led to more Love and to where you are truly meant to be!


Monday, 17 October 2016

Just Practice Letting Go of F€&r

When we are connected to our higher selves we can make true decisions to carry us forward along the right path.

If there is worry and concern, or f€&r, it may be difficult to make the right decisions for our life at this time. If there is f€&r and we focus on it, it is difficult to connect to our higher selves to receive the guidance we are looking for. If we focus on the f€&r we draw more of the same into our lives. For these reasons it is important to learn to release 'it'!

Starting with the breath, focus on your breathing, the breath is our connection to Divine and as you breathe into the discomfort and keep your awareness on your breathing you can soften 'it' and let 'it' float away. The release may be immediate or it may come later, lovingly watching yourself as you go through your day.

Praying is important. Help is always there for us but as humans we have free will so unless we ask for additional help and support and our open to receiving it, how is it meant to come in.

Patience is important in prayer, give it time. Give yourself time to allow the f€&r to pass before making any decisions, that way you'll take the right steps for your highest good.

It takes practice to let go of f€&r so be gentle with yourself and just practice! Practice and see how it will take you to a place of ease. Practice and see how it will take you to a place of making true decisions. Practice and see how it will take you to a place of peace.

Love & Blessings