Friday, 22 January 2016

Always right where we are supposed to BE

Even when plans go off track, we are always right where we are supposed to be!

When I make a plan these days I always plan for the plan to change (you get me! J) and even at that sometimes I’m completely thrown of course.

Maybe we have everything to do with the unexpected; we got the wrong time or the wrong day due to our lack of mindfulness, due to our busy-ness or maybe we took a wrong step in our eagerness that led us onto a bumpier path.

Sometimes our plans affect others and their plans affect us.  We are usually tripped up by innocent circumstances that were no way meant to throw us of course but do!  What we can be definitely assured of is that a Higher Power is at work!  Remember this is a school we are in and there are lessons for us in everything.  Also keep in mind that if a plan gets interrupted or re-directed, although messy at the time it could be to take us off the path of meeting someone we should not or to meet someone we should!

The Divine has something more important for us to learn; to experience; to feel; to see; to know; to BE!

If your plan gets interrupted, redirected or thorn apart take a deep breath and find time to sit quietly.  Create space around yourself to find acceptance in the discomfort and allow peace to take hold of your heart.  TRUST!  Be assured there is something bigger and better ahead for you.  You are safe, you are loved; you are once again on the right path and you are RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE!

Namaste J

An immaterial girl in a very material world

So I started the year off in Dubai.  It seems like a lifetime ago on one hand and the blink of an eye on the other!  I didn’t realise of course that I was about to step onto a short emotional rollercoaster.  I took the job primarily (like so many others) due to the lure of some financial security, which I craved due to the unsecure financial world that is our beautiful yoga or any alternative and artistic avenue.

This place is out of this world, like everywhere there is yin and yang, good and bad.  Blue skies and constant sun shine every day works, it’s sooooo safe; don’t think I’ve ever experienced a safer place as of yet, my studio apartment is very ‘Carrie, Sex in the City’ only I have more or a kitchen than she did, thankfully, as I actually use it to cook in not store my clothes haha still love that program!  I’m a five minute walk to everywhere I need to get to, work, the mall, a supermarket and coffee house, mind you that could be ten to fifteen minutes if you’re left waiting on the lift or get stuck waiting on the traffic lights to change to get pedestrian crossing, they definitely need to work on that! BUT otherwise the place is simply soulless to me!

I felt my own soul literally cry out not to be there, it happened in the blink of an eye when a conversation with the yoga studio shook me and woke me up. The terms of my teaching were suddenly changing and they wanted to direct me to teach their way as in a more physical practice making it harder and stronger, more aerobic than yoga and this isn’t me, it’s not where I am, what I believe and what I do. This could work out very well for someone else of course but not for me and I simply wasn’t willing to sell my soul.  So I said NO!  Not once but a few times.  This led to a bigger issue of course so my ‘plan’ for the year ahead at least was being thrown into complete disarray.  Although this was a little uncomfortable for me and of course the studio it was more important to me to do what was true to me, this is self-love, this is following our path.

This move cost me money which is an upset but not the most important thing and I trust this is all happening for my and others higher goods.  Initially taking this job felt so right so I followed along with that feeling but something definitely shifted quite quickly and I felt it strongly right at that first conversation about teaching this hot, fast, don’t breathe, don’t stop, just move intensive exercise type class and suddenly it felt so right not to be there.  So like a few of my dear soul friends  bit or a rollercoaster start to 2016 but we know this is all happening for something so much bigger.  I’m happy, I’m at complete peace with it (which is such a wonderful feeling), I’m healthy, I’ve the love of my self, my family, my friends and God, my lovely Mam and all my beautiful angels and guides supporting me from the other side.  I am back in my deeply soulful home country and patiently excited to see what the universe has in store for me next (bearing in mind I’ve explained to the universe I’m staying put!)   I am truly grateful. 

Be true to you

Let your light shine on J