Tuesday, 7 June 2016


As I head to the beach for sunrise this morning I notice a heavy mist; Mist is similar to the Veil! The Veil hides and protects what is behind it, mist is a slow drizzle that blurs our vision and prevents us from "seeing" clearly. Mist is that uncomfortable confusion that we must move through just prior to experiencing clarity.

Mist/Fog represents Divine Feminine energy. It is derived from water which represents the Divine Feminine and this energy is tied to emotions, feelings, and urges. It's very appropriate today with the New Moon!

Mist is also a Gift from the Spiritual Realm. It is the Sacred Substance that impregnates our mind and spirit enabling our thoughts and insights to grow and blossom. It is the warm, enveloping caress of Divinity letting us know that what we are looking for is almost within sight. It is the feeling that soon the mist will clear and we will be ascending to the higher ground of sunlight and clarity. Namaste

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