Monday, 12 September 2016

Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet; I am Spiritual and I am Proud!

I believe (know) in God, I believe we are made of energy, I believe we are made of Love. I believe we are here to experience life in human form, to learn to live through Love, to experience the senses; taste, touch, sight, scent and sound, these being the five most commonly heard of senses although there is a multitude in between and ‘balance’ is one we need to work on big time in this lifetime!

I believe earth is a school and we are here to learn for our souls to grow. I believe when we were here previously we were at one time experiencing human form at its full potential, living through Love, communicating through the heart and mind (telepathy). I believe the fall of Atlantis truly happened. I believe none of the little stuff matters. I believe we descended as humans due to our egos and f€&r. I believe this is the most important lifetime yet.

I believe we are all connected, we are One! I believe in being open to all that is through Love.

I am an Empath, I am a Lightworker, I am a Yoga teacher, I am a Healer, I am an Indigo child, I am a Spiritual Being on a human journey, I am a child of God, I am Love, I am Light, I AM!

As I child I was sensitive, gentle and a little shy. My Mam told me in later years I would hear voices for example but I don’t remember this fully, it’s coming back a little but still not fully. I do remember knowing things and I had no idea how I knew them. I didn’t understand how people could argue and not be kind. I felt ‘different’.

The last five years of my life have been out of this world, literally! During sleep time and meditation I go to different dimensions, parallel universes, leave my physical body and fly around the skies, streets and the trees. We all do this, it’s just I am now seeing it and remembering it. You can too! I perform a lot of healings on others through sleep time, others I know from this world and others I don’t appear to know from other worlds. I spend time learning from masters and higher beings. I receive messages, verbally, visually and metaphorically. Previous to this last five years I was already slowly remembering, seeing, feeling, dreaming, knowing, hearing but there was a sudden strong awakening at the time of my Mam’s quick terminal illness, then her passing. I had to wake up along with a lot of other lightworkers in time for our planets ascension from third dimension to fifth dimension. You can read more about this on my website

A spiritual awakening can be very different for each of us, it can be sudden, it can be gradual, it can come through emotional trauma, for example, the death of a loved one, or mental trauma, that pushes a person to the limit of endurance. It can come through a near death experience. It can come through a slow process and gentle opening through yoga and meditation or it can come about all on its own or through a Love connection. It can be pure bliss for some, awful discomfort for others or a mix of course. No matter what at the end of the day it will lead us all to living through the heart, to see with new eyes and to live by Love. Only when we wake up do we fully realise we were asleep!

So many people are going through ascension (transformation) symptoms and don’t even know this is what is happening. It can manifest in many ways, physically (example; spinal issues), mentally (example; anxiety), emotionally (example; grief; depression; bouts of crying). You can see a full list through the Ascension Yoga Healing link. I had moments of such bliss through all of this. I began to see orbs, beautiful brilliant light and have more angelic experiences. I have glimpses into what we know as heaven and beautiful experiences with my Mam who is constantly with me now, helping me on this journey and is with me as a guide every time I am working on my purpose and helping others through teaching and healing. As this all occurred I wanted to shout about it from the rooftops but as I confided in some they reacted strangely, they didn’t understand, they were scared and I was confused as to why because it all felt so natural to me. I withdrew for a while, uncomfortable with others reactions to me; something I had to work through. I of course understand this now and they understand me and are more open themselves.

I honestly still feel strange in this world sometimes. I feel I don’t fit in a lot. The difference now is I don’t want to fit in, I’m so happy about not fitting in. I find it difficult to understand the material and physical world at times! I would happily live on love and air if it was an option here but it is not. It was a lonely journey for me at the beginning but now that I understand myself and my purpose, my family and close friends understand along with completely supporting and loving me. As we awaken more of our soul family move in, those vibrating at the same or similar frequencies and this is a huge support filled with so much unconditional love. I let go easily of what needs to be let go of in life, including relationships and some people don’t deal with this well initially but I just send a lot of love their way and pray. It’s a big part of life, the lesson of letting go. We have to let go. We have a choice to always let Love remain.

My passion is my purpose of course. Yoga! Again I am different when it comes to Yoga. I am deep on the spiritual and healing side of Yoga and some may think ‘is this not what yoga is about?’ and yes it is, but, you see so many are stuck in the physical 3D and focused fully on form. My role is to help guide others to connect, heal (at a deep cellular level) and awaken gently through the physical body and heart with all that yoga truly IS; union, mantra, prana, movement, meditation and Love! We are all Light. My role is to focus on ‘light’ I bring in additional light for healing for all, hence the term ‘lightworker’ and also the name given to me by a Swami I studied with in India; ‘Yogini Jyoti’ Jyoti means ‘Light’. Light, Prana/Chi/Energy and Sound are the healing modalities of the future!! As soon as I connected with these modalities I felt so at home inside myself. We all have healing abilities. We can use these energies and vibrations to open, clear and connect to be our true selves; Love! And to fully live the life we came here to live!

Indigo child is one of the terms used for children incarnating onto earth with additional energies and higher vibrational frequencies (along with crystal child / starseeds etc). These energies are to be grounded here to help all humanity, to assist in our evolution, our spiritual awakening.

Empath is a term used for someone who not just has empathy for someone / something but is a person who FEELS absolutely everything. I feel love and pain intensely, pain of the emotional kind, physical pain i can deal with and I have been through quite an amount. An Indigo can be one extreme or the other they either FEEL fully or have cut off all emotion and are detached. I don’t watch or listen to the news but I feel and know when something of lower vibration has happened in the world before I hear about it from a friend or family member. I also feel and know when something of higher vibration has happened, for example, I woke in the early hours of the morning feeling joy knowing my nephew had just been born and my brother text shortly after with the happy news. I can feel a strangers energy when they are close, I can feel the love between a couple walking down the road. I can sense the location of pain in someone’s body when they’re in my class and I can read their energy as to how they may be feeling (although I never intrude). I feel the universal energies and know how to manage them now, although this was a learning process. I live through the heart. I’m lucky in that I was brought into love and received so much love my heart was kept open. I need time alone, I need to retreat, I need to ground, I need to be in nature every day and meditation is a must for me!

I am Spiritual and I am Proud! There is so much more than the physical body although it is our home while we are here so we need to listen to, look after, Love and respect it. There is no such thing as perfection and ‘titles’ and ‘things’ really don’t matter, what matters is peace and Love. This is not a cliché this is coming from truth. I have been down, I have had bad anxiety (very natural in HSP’s; Highly Sensitive People), I have been to the depths of depression, I have thought about not wanting to be here anymore, I have asked God to just take me away, to take me to be with my Mam, I didn’t fit in here, I didn’t like it here, I couldn’t take the emotional turmoil I was going through anymore. I have had a near death experience in an accident and my heart has been torn apart by people. All these things have made me stronger and stronger and I opened! I awakened! We are all spiritual beings on this human journey and we are shifting in consciousness. Even through pain Love will keep you going. Love means Loving yourself first! Putting you first! You can do this! This means letting go! You can do this! Letting go is also Love toward the other person! Did you know this!? It IS! You can do it all because Love is your true nature. You are Love my dearest soul. You are a Spiritual Being of Love on a crazy Human Journey. You are not alone. Anything you are going through is leading you to Love.

It’s time to remember Love! Namaste