Monday, 17 October 2016

Just Practice Letting Go of F€&r

When we are connected to our higher selves we can make true decisions to carry us forward along the right path.

If there is worry and concern, or f€&r, it may be difficult to make the right decisions for our life at this time. If there is f€&r and we focus on it, it is difficult to connect to our higher selves to receive the guidance we are looking for. If we focus on the f€&r we draw more of the same into our lives. For these reasons it is important to learn to release 'it'!

Starting with the breath, focus on your breathing, the breath is our connection to Divine and as you breathe into the discomfort and keep your awareness on your breathing you can soften 'it' and let 'it' float away. The release may be immediate or it may come later, lovingly watching yourself as you go through your day.

Praying is important. Help is always there for us but as humans we have free will so unless we ask for additional help and support and our open to receiving it, how is it meant to come in.

Patience is important in prayer, give it time. Give yourself time to allow the f€&r to pass before making any decisions, that way you'll take the right steps for your highest good.

It takes practice to let go of f€&r so be gentle with yourself and just practice! Practice and see how it will take you to a place of ease. Practice and see how it will take you to a place of making true decisions. Practice and see how it will take you to a place of peace.

Love & Blessings