Friday, 30 December 2016

Feeling the Release and Incoming Energies

As an Empath, Highly Sensitive Person, you can intuit and absorb our people's energy, world energy, sense incoming light frequencies strongly, then in turn become overwhelmed, anxious, or drained when you don't have time to decompress in your own space. We're super-responders; our sensory experience is the equivalent of feeling something with fifty fingers instead of five or one hundred hearts instead of one! Over time and experience it becomes easier to manage but you still need to take that time to step away. Daily. Meditation, Gentle Yoga and time in nature is a must and even at that as the incoming energies are increasing everything about my sensitivity is increasing. As I feel this occurring I'm feeling resistance within myself at the same time. Resistance doesn't work, I know this yet I feel it there inside me. I know what's to come and although a blessing and at times blissful it is also uncomfortable at a lot of other times. I have a couple of days where I simply feel tired of the constant emotional release and tired of the physical pain of energy locking in my spine. (The only way this moves is through prayer, meditation and allowing time for the light to adjust).

The final release of human illusion is being shown to a lot of us right now so that we can release the old and anchor the new. I feel (and can see) 'the dregs' of 3D being drawn up for release. With this clearing we will walk in full service of the new earth with no attachments to the old earth. Daily work, self care, self love, self compassion and a knowingness of worthiness is needed. I follow my own advice and I use my tools to work through this. Remember, my sisters and brothers, for those of you like me, this too shall pass, please feel every bit of it but don't get stuck in it. Speak to a soul friend and ask for support, this week I did this and I received the support I needed (if you haven't found them yet message me, you are not alone). Remember all of this and YOU are a gift from God! 'I am Light'. 'I am Love'. 'I am soft and strong'. 'I am a spiritual warrior'.

2017 is going to be energetically HUGE. I am ready are you?
Namaste and Beautiful Blessings

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