Saturday, 20 May 2017

Dare To Be Yourself

Dare to be yourself, your real self, spirit soul self and human self. Being spiritual is being real. Part of our human experience is being flawed, allow your flaws to show. Not one of us is perfect, we are perfectly imperfect. This is perfect in Gods eyes so we should see this and ourselves this through his eyes; through the eyes of Love.

Allow yourself the moments of doubt and negativity as much as the moments of assurity and positivity. As I transition yet again I have been having my moments of doubt and confusion as I'm ascending to new heights, of basically feeling tired and pissed off. My journey seems to be on speed right now. I know it is all for my higher good and the good of others as I work through service and Love and I'm excited and feeling free as I break through old conditioning beliefs yet the amount of f€@r I've had sent in my direction from others through taking my own steps and walking my own path has been enormous. I remind myself, as I shield myself and transmute their pain as it is released, that this is their pain and conditioning and in time my steps will help them.

Then I have a moment of release and reaction and I'm hard on myself. I work on forgiveness, it's easy for me to forgive others, the challenge is forgiving myself. Then as I sit I see clearly; in forgiving myself these human imperfections I am in fact forgiving the whole human race. This is true forgiveness. You see. We are one. If you don't forgive yourself you in truth don't forgive anyone.


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